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"The Seasons" is a
grouping of four panels,
five feet high, representing
seasons of the year.  It was
commissioned by Wells
Fargo Bank in Minneapolis

"Swing Balance"  has
a pendant swinging in the
middle of the piece and
a horizontal form balanced
on top.


"Acrobats Three"
is a 42" tall sculpture made
of glued-up bubinga wood.

"Entwined Balance" is a 
42" high sculpture
made of walnut and

"Twin Spires" was
Best of Show at the 2017
Society of Minnesota
Sculptors Show.

"Thrust Up" is a torso-
like form made from
cherry and several
other woods.

Video of Paul's sculptures and his creative
process can be seen on YouTube.  Search under the title:
Paul Olson:  Carving Out a Career. 

To get more information or prices for these sculptures,
contact Paul at